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She is a social worker and human rights activist based in Nyala, Darfur. She studied under the Faculty of Socio-Economic Sciences in Cavendish University Uganda, has written about the recent Sudan crisis and her stories are carried widely including on Al Jazeera.

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She Joined Cavendish University Uganda in 2015-AUG and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (2nd Class Upper Division. She is very proud to be the first CUU staff employed at Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Limited (CiplaQCIL) the publicly listed company that has a state of the art pharmaceutical plant that manufactures the latest Anti-retroviral (ARVs), Anti-malarial (ACTs) and Hepatitis B medicines serving most of Africa. She interned there and says she beat off stiff competition (from Makerere and Kyambogo university graduates), the doubts of some of the panelists about CUU, and the odds of doing her interview whilst doing her final exams, to get her job in logistics and procurement.

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"CUU is conducive for any student of whatever background"

As one of the fortunate pioneer Scholarship students that joined Cavendish University Uganda in 2017, I managed to graduate with the Class of 2020, with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies (BIRDS).

I first learnt of the Scholarship programme through my Mother. She also got to know about it through her worship ministry at Rubaga Center. I immediately applied, sat the entry exams and was excited when I got the phone call informing me that I had won the award!

I am so grateful to the Cavendish community that I found very welcoming, heart-warming and conducive for any student of whatever background. Special thanks to my fellow students, lecturers and administrative staff that enabled me to succeed and fulfil my dreams. I managed to graduate on the Dean's list with a 4.1 CGPA - Second Class Upper.


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"CUU enabled my academic dreams to prosper with competitive experience"

Cavendish University Uganda enabled my academic dreams to not only flourish but prosper with immense exposure and competitive experience and for that I am entirely grateful. The university gave me an opportunity to study under the very first cohort of scholarship students for which I must say has been the greatest opportunity so far in my life. I am happy and proud to have graduated Summa Cum Laude (First Class with Distinction) with a degree in Information Technology and a CGPA of 4.81.

Due to my distinctive performance, I was invited to attend the first ever Scientific and Virtual graduation at CUU. It was an honour to be part of this event as the University made national history with the Class of 2020.

Studying at CUU has opened many doors in my life, I was able to build strong and lucrative relationships that have remained beneficial to me during and after my life at the university. I also managed to participate in the regional Hult Prize competitions held in Nairobi where students from different Universities across the globe gathered to compete for an innovative cash prize.
I met very many people at this competition, learnt pretty much through a myriad of innovative and inspiring concepts pitched with passion and life changing ideas. Kudos to the university that funded our trip and gave us the opportunity to shine.

I appreciate and applaud the University for the CISCO training and certifications put in place for tech students and also the support system provided by different organisations for example AIME and IEEE that enable students to exploit their ideas and explorative potential.
I am grateful too, to each and every one at CUU that contributed to my academic success. I'm forever in your debt!


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"I am a recipient of Cavendish University Uganda’s pioneer Scholarship Programme"

I am graduate of Human Resource Management from Cavendish University Uganda and also a recipient of the CUU Scholarship Award 2017-2019. I graduated on the 28th of May 2020 with a 4.32 CGPA. I am excited to have achieved my first academic degree having studied at no cost due to CUU's community outreach and engagement efforts.

My academic journey at CUU was quite interesting, awesome, and engaging. From the very first day I set foot at Cavendish, my brain was turned towards excellence just by looking at how the University was designed, the teaching facilities and general campus ambiance, I had private conversations with my mind. I made a mental note with myself - "Cathie, come what may, you must excel!"

I did everything to the best of my ability focused on my initial impression of the University and the prospect of studying on Scholarship. I found the staff friendly and encouraging, let it be an individual lecturer, the Vice Chancellor, or a Janitor, all were geared towards excellence and success. This approach and mental fortitude always challenged me when it came to my career.

I thank God that I was given the chance to do my training at the same University. I worked in almost all the offices and this also helped me develop my esteem and plan well for my management career.

Student amenities also contributed immensely towards my success. Talk about the well-equipped library, computer laboratory as well as the free WiFi in all lecture rooms, that made life easy.

Research and course work, oh that was my hardest, all lecturers were strict on timelines and quality presentations! In hindsight now, I appreciate the pressure, the training, hard as it was, it gave us lifetime professional and social skills. What more can I say; It's the best University I have known in Uganda!

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"CUU gave me an Opportunity to join University when I had lost all Hope!"

Desperate and desolate after my S.6, in spite of my good grades, I had no hope of joining University. Then one day, a friend of mine informed me that she had landed on the Cavendish University Uganda flyers on social media, announcing the first-ever scholarship programme for bright but financially challenged fresh S.6 levers.

I was excited and thrilled at the opportunity. I dashed to the University and when I got to the main campus, it was the last day of registration. I applied for a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication Studies and sat for the Scholarship entry exams, and the rest is a story that culminated in graduating on the Vice Chancellor's list Cum Laude - a First Class Degree, with a 4.57 CGPA! Class of 2017-2020.

I am so proud of CUU because it gave me an opportunity to join university and further my education when I had lost all hope after my S6. I have experienced a 3-year quality education through highly experienced lectures at no cost.

CUU 's student-centric approach enabled me to meet quite a number of resourceful people who have been so instrumental in my life. At CUU I learnt so many skills that are helping me in my business and are relevant to the current business competition.

CUU became a home away from home. New friends, I have made among students and staff alike. Thank you CUU for this great opportunity and means to live out and achieve my academic dream.

Indeed, success begins at Cavendish!

May God reward you abundantly, long live CUU. For God and My Country.

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